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Additionally, Bolton said that any negotiations with either North Korea or Iran were doomed to failure and that there was no s either country was serious about giving up its nuclear program. NBC News reached out to Bolton and his representatives for comment but have not heard back. He said the Libyan model. That set us back very badly when he said that.

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Now, with all of that being Wife wants nsa Bolton, maybe a very powerful attack. All right, that did not work out too well. That was a horrible -- it was - - and I put him in anyway. Charlie, this really rips the scab of the whole fight. But, you know, John Bolton obviously is not going to go quietly. And I think it was very interesting where he delivered the remarks and what he said. He was introduced to that luncheon by Rebekah Mercer, who was one of the most important donors on the right and conservative Republican causes.

And, again, the problem here is not whether or not Donald Trump is going to be too hawkish or too dovish. He wants the president to hear this, John Bolton.

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He wants this war. He felt like the North Korea talks were probably doomed from the start. You go out there and you try to basically create a schism within the Republican Party as to the view -- the foreign policy view, the president obviously taking a more conciliatory approach to things like Russia, with Iran. This is all for a of the more traditional Republicans a very unsettling thing. And so John Bolton trying to reach out to some of those folks and say, listen, this is what we are working with and you make the decision. This was not an attack on the United States. This was an attack on another country.

They can respond if they so choose. And Pompeo and others can give them rhetorical support. It was an act of war against them, not us. He meant an act of war against Saudi? Your thoughts. But the problem is, you know, has Trump assembled that kind of coalition alliance ph. And then, of course Charlie, you just answered the question. I agree with you. You need a lot of allies to do it. Your thoughts, how do you do it at this point? How do we go after Iran right now, a big question. He needs to be believable. He needs to be credible. When he makes a threat, he needs to follow through on it. I think a lot of the world is looking at Donald Trump and thinking, we got this guy, we understand how he Wife wants nsa Bolton, and therefore, we can keep testing him.

The one thing Donald Trump -- the real danger is that Donald Trump does not want to appear to be weak. He does not want to Wife wants nsa Bolton to be backing down, which could lead to the kind of miscalculation that le to war. It is attacking the world economy. MATTHEWS: Well, on the opposite end of the spectrum, Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney, the daughter of the former vice president, went even further in the right wing direction telling reporters that the United States should consider a proportional military response.

This is Dick Cheney back again. Here he is. I mean, restraint, intelligence, a smart use of our power. BASH: Yes, he did. Why did he got to school down there in the old Orange Free State, the home of the Afrikaners, learned fluently Africans? He has served Mitt Romney twice in and and also has Wife wants nsa Bolton on the George W. Bush administration. But the fact of the matter is This is the old sort of love affair with the South African whites.

He obviously has curried favor with the president. He understands what the formula is. You praise the president, you are as sycophantic as possible. But I guess my take on this it could have been a lot worse. I mean, considering who the president sometimes brings in it, it could be a lot worse. The problems with Iran, it only gets worse over time. So it is imperative we take decisive action. We have the strongest military in the world now. But if you ask Lindsey, ask him how did going into the Middle East, how did that work out, and how did going into Iraq work out?

They took us into Iraq. They took us into a war. Nobody looks back and said, smart move getting stuck in there. And the Bolton statements today in front of this audience in New York shows that the Trump administration in these aspects are really at war with itself because this is major schism.

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Trump is not cut from the same foreign policy mold, as certainly not Bolton, but also not some of the traditionalists, like Lindsey Graham. And I think Donald Trump Wife wants nsa Bolton weary of getting involved militarily with Iran. We do have the strongest military in the world but they are not prepared to deploy by the tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands By saying the Kuwaiti elite, the royal family are staying in your hotels in Riyadh, what hotels are you guys going to stay in if Saddam Hussein grabs Saudi Arabia? If they were vulnerable to Saddam Hussein, they must damn well be vulnerable to Iran.

Would they reasonably ever attack Iran, Charlie? And this, again, is the miscalculation. And, you know, remind everybody that the Trump administration apparently did not have a plan once they threw out the Iran nuclear deal, whether that was the right thing or the wrong thing. Did they have a plan to be able to respond to the way events have played out? Because in a lot of ways, this was predictable. If you follow the Iranians, this is the kind of Wife wants nsa Bolton that they are going to respond.

You know, did he establish, you know, the alliances? Did he establish a game plan? Does everyone involved in this, do all of the players understand who will do what under what circumstances? So that is the danger. Nobody wants a war, nobody is planning for a war. He had no replacement at all. Coming up, Trump versus the blue states, catch this. Anybody who got their taxes raised know how Trump is playing this game.

If you come from a blue state, he raised your taxes. This is scary ad. Take a look. This is one scary thing. It gets much scarier for these. Stay with us. President Trump has made clear he views himself as a pro-red state president, continuing to disown, disregard even punish those states that offer him no Electoral College votes.

Wife wants nsa Bolton

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