Twin cities classified ads

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You need a magnifying glass to read those Minneapolis real estate in the Star Tribune Classifieds. Maybe a compound microscope would be a better tool for reading them. Now, I am not completely anti-Star Tribune.

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When I was a kid I played on the living room floor while I listened to my parents discuss different articles they were reading the the Star Tribune. I would have to attribute some of my knowledge and informed or mis-informed opinions to this nightly ritual centered around the daily news. And I have to admit that newspaper is better for wrapping fish than the hard-drive is.

I would rather read news stories from an actual newspaper while drinking my morning coffee. But it is no secret that newsprint is facing serious challenges from the web. I have spent thousands of dollars on Star Trib Minneapolis real estate classifiedTwin cities classified ads have little to show for the money. Certainly not very many calls. At one time, classifieds were the modus operendi for most real estate agents. That time is long gone. It is my humble opinion that the Star Trib priced itself out of the market, but just never realized it until internet advertising took hold.

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If the prices had been more reasonable, I might have felt some loyalty to the Star Trib. Agents and homesellers were resentful of the high prices for the tiny in the only large Minneapolis newspaper in town. They felt part of a captive market.

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After seeing better from alternate resources and online advertising methods, many agents and home sellers that I know have dropped the Star Trib like a hot potato. If you are a homeseller, and are looking for ways to increase market exposure for your property, please give me a call at Tags : minneapolis real estate. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact Kermit: KermitAgent gmail.

Classified ad section in Minneapolis Star Tribune real estate adds little value to home sellers or home buyers.

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Twin cities classified ads

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