To woo a girl

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Hitting on a woman is easy. But wooing a woman is a more complex task. Sound difficult? These 10 tips will help you be direct about your intentions without being disrespectful.

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Be chivalrous. Be flirtatious. Compliment her outfit, touch her arm, and give her a kiss on the cheek.

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News flash: The thrill of the chase gets old. If you want to woo a woman, you have to spend time with her. Women who are serious about finding a good man will immediately dismiss anyone who plays games or hard to get. It sounds difficult, but it can be done. Women want to date men that are open, but quickly lose interest in men that are completely open books. Give her a compliment.

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If your compliment is generic enough that it could be used as a pickup line for any woman, try again. Find ways to remind her of you.

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Text her before bed, make her a mix CD for her car, or send her flowers just because. Plan an epic date. And show that you put some thought into it. For example, rather than just going to a restaurant and hoping for a table, make a reservation beforehand. PROVE that you listen to her.

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If she mentioned that she loves red velvet cupcakes, bring her one the next time you see her. She WILL notice. Make her laugh.

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Make her feel special. Wooing a woman might sound like a daunting task. More from The Date Mix. Subscribe to our newsletter Please enter a valid address. Address. Search for.

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10 Ways To Woo A Girl The Right Way