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This route seems easier than it really is. The longer you go, the harder that is. No coasting. The trees are cut far back off the road due to the farm equipment, and sometimes cyclists have to share the shoulder with a combine. On hot days, it feels like cycling through Arizona. You can go as fast as you want on the smooth road. And, you get to play on Tilghman Island half-way through the ride.

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We start you at the St. Michaels Nature Trail across the road from a bike shop. The trail ends after a mile and a half at Bradley Park. Go through the gravel parking lot and turn right. This is a ride down a traditional St. Michaels neighborhood full of eclectic houses.

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It takes you to the northern end of downtown St. This is where you get to open up and let those cycling legs go strong. There are no convenience stores along the way. Going over the bridge. The road narrows considerably on the other side of the bridge. There are no shoulders.

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It is literally in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, making it a lay-over stop for migratory flying things, such as butterflies and birds. Watermen reign, pristine landscapes abound, and crowds only exist at the annual crab feasts and docking contests.

That means Tilghman Island has an amazing of foody restaurants with very fresh Chesapeake Bay seafood. Check out the Tilghman Island County Store. The most dramatic water views are at the tail-end of this ride just past the community of Avalon. The unusually wide road there is for professional fishermen to dry-out their pound-nets.

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If you have time, check out Dogwood Harbor. There are also historic skipjack sailboats docked at that harbor. Museums are open on the weekend. It also has a nice walkway to a Chesapeake Bay overlook. Settle in for the ride back. And hot will seem hotter. The landing is beautiful. October 29, November 11, Staff 0 Comments bike trails Easton mdbike trip to Tilghman Islandeastern shore bike trail mapeastern shore e-bike routehow far Tilghman Island bike routehow far Tilghman Island cycling trailSt.

Michaels bike routeSt. Michaels cycling mapSt. Michaels cycling routest. Michaels to Tilghman Island Bike Route. Michaels Road to Tilghman Island. Tilghman Watermens Museum open on weekends. Share This Post:. You May Also Like. Study: Gulf Stream is slowing down. That Tilghman Island Maryland sexy women higher ocean along the Eastern U. March 24, Staff 0.

Tilghman Island Maryland sexy women

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