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By aussiecollinNovember 8, in Isaan Forum. I have been to Surin a of times, but apart from the Farang Connection November 12, There are a of 'sing-a-song' bars on the outskirts of Surin.

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A few on the Buriram road as you enter Surin boundary. Some picture. September 21, Surin is a nice place to go for a snooze. Surin province nightlife 26, Only problem is, going on the piss with an Aussie, we'll all be back home in half-an-hour. We got apple pie if that's what you had in mind. Soi kola does serve up a decent size helping of minge pie so I've heard. There are people that say, you can have as good a time in Surin as anywhere in Thailand.

You'll probablt hear from them on this thread later. The quality of massage next door to Farang Connection is 5 out of 10, but the price is crazy Baht 1 hour!! Martin looks very savage, but hard to guess as he never keeps still long anough to judge.

Thanks for your inputs guys oops, sorry, pun not intended. Thanks to Colin for his observations. As an occasional visitor to Surin, who likes to take a walk around the bars, I was hoping the locals might have chipped in with some tips. Here there is a Speed disco to go with the ones in Buriram and Korat, and a of restaurants or drinking places.

If you want the company of one of the hostesses, you must pay by the hour. There are a few other karaoke and girlie bars, which means that you could spend an evening exploring around this soi. There are a few Surin province nightlife bars in the ading streets, but generally you can walk a long way in other parts of the city without finding any good bars.

Probably some of these work the odd shift in the fishbowl behind the back car park. There is another okay cafe at the Petchkasem Hotel.

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Apart from most of the locals being happily married, and don't get up to the antics of Pattyaites or Bangkokites, the ones that do drink, come Surin province nightlife, get sh1t-faced ,then go home. There are more beautiful girls per square meter, in Surin, than most other towns I've been to, but unfortunately for some visitors, they need to be chatted up by conventional means, not have a wad of money thrust in their faces and be expected to jump into bed.

That in it'self puts a lot off. And of course there is no moral boosting " Hallooo handsome man. Come inside. Sit down pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze". But for you Colin, I'll see what I can do After all, you don't fall into the above catogary.

Some pictures here:. Nice to be back. Very well said Martin. My loverly wife Surin province nightlife be all the more happier me being in the Farang Connection, after I show her that. Martin looks a lot better since the operation. Thanks, Jayenram, that's just the kind of information that I find interesting.

Martin's remarks are wide of the mark in many cases: the cafes and garden restaurants with singers are the highlight of 'night life' for me. Not wide of the mark, but dead on.

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That is exactly what I'm getting across. There are simply dozens of normal drinking and chatting up dens in Surin, where it is possible to meet the girl of your dreams, without resorting to laying your wallet on the table and choosing the first girl to pick it up. Actually you may be surprised to know the of gentleman that take me to one side and Surin province nightlife where they can buy a girl for the Surin province nightlife.

One dead-beat pissed up school teacher even became abusive when my wife told him she didn't know. Of course there are such places. Lots of them in fact. But up here it is more discreet. Apart from the stereotype about fat, ugly bastards, this is the bit that is wide of the mark.

Some of us like to explore beyond our local farang bar: it doesn't mean that we aren't happily married or that we are handing out w of cash in exchange for favours. And I don't feel any shame in admitting that I like exploring bars in unfamilar cities. Of course, if everybody fitted the pattern above it would be great for business in farang-oriented establishments The other thing that is questionable in your post is the assumption that the interesting point of contrast is between Surin and the tourist resorts: for some of us it is between Surin and other Isaan cities where many of the things you mention are pretty much a constant.

Jayenram didn't seem to have too much difficulty in picking up what my post was about, whereas others seem to regard this as a taboo subject. You must be American, not to understand the humerous underlay to those two statements.

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The first one is a continuation of the banter that has been going on in other posts, and on the chat between those who I referred to. And if you read the second one again, you will see it is purely a look into the mind of a normal Thai girl. Again with a humerous aspect. There are a few places to have some adult fun in Surin. Some guys come all the way from Ubon to do so.

Small place, but the natives are friendly and there are some pretty lasses in there. Not Soi Cowboy, but it can be fun if you know that the ladies need you to approach them, not the other way around. Also, the Memorial Hotel has a fishbowl massage with all included for baht an hour walk down the driveway to the left and down to the back parking lot, the entrance is back there. As for Sing-a-Song places with take out possibilities, try the Surin province nightlife Club right in front of the Thong Tarin Hotel the building behind the stage of the beer garden in the front parking lot of the hotel.

There's also the Hard Rock Agogo down the far left end of Soi Kola as well, the agogo is upstairs and has some nice talent in there which again, you need to approach them, as they will not come to you and sit with you unless asked, usually. Plenty of karaoke shops as well along soi Kola as well with friendly singers who will attempt to draw you inside. As said, Speed 3 is a good place to meet people and have some fun, but hitting on ladies there could be a problem, as most are with friends or their hubbie or boyfriend. My favorite hangout in Surin is the Tawan Daeng Club to the right of the Thong Tarin Hotel there is a gate from the parking lot to the right of the hotel where you can walk into the back lot of the Tawan Surin province nightlife then around front to the entrance.

If the gate is locked just ask one of the parking lot guards to open it for you-a small tip is appreciated for doing this, but not absolutely necessary. Was hit upon by 2 lovely young ladies the other night while there with a friend, plus Surin province nightlife love the Isaan Thai rock music.

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Good band, cheap drinks, and very friendly people. There are other places, but these are all right in one area you can walk to around the Thong Tarin Hotel, just up the street from the Farang Connection which has great food and drinks to start off an evening and the infamous owner Martin is always good for a laugh and a chatalso an easy walk to these places from the new Surin Majestic Hotel.

If you want a room to take a lass from the agogos or where ever without needing to use your hotel, behind the Thong Tarin you can walk into a Surin province nightlife soi which you can see from the back of the hotel's swimming pool that has a 'No Tell Motel' short time room for baht. The passageway into the soi from behind the hotel is to the far left of the steps that lead up to the Golden Rose might be another name now Massage Parlor that sits at the back of the Thong Tarin.

You'll see it, looks like a driveway, but is the entrance to a small soi where the motel occupies most of the soi. Someone said the Thong Tarin massage place is expensive. That's not what I was told, I think baht for a 2 hour session with one of the lovelies. They do have a 'superstar' tier, so that might be more.

Not that I frequent some of these places, but friends do and have told me what they get up to and how much it all costs. Just for your info. Surin Nightlife? Pertinent, succinct and well-written. Thank you. Given your avatar, the only surprise is that Surin province nightlife didn't recommend a muffin for dessert Oh yeah, about as discrete as a hammer to your head once you step onto Soi Kola, especially on a Friday or Saturday evening!

I've always had the greatest respect for truth in advertisement! Just passing on the info to a member. The muffin shop is further down the street. I recommend the banana muffins in the morning, and bring along the zircon encrusted Surin province nightlife to make sure to get all the crumbs you drop.

Tasty muffins abound. Not many penguins in bondage though, too hot here. Maybe there is a market in Surin after all. By Jonathan Fairfield Started 40 minutes ago. By webfact Started February 1.

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By Jonathan Fairfield Started 49 minutes ago. By Barley Started October By rooster59 Started 24 minutes ago. By simon43 Started Friday at AM. By Jonathan Fairfield Started 2 hours ago. By Jonathan Fairfield Started 1 hour ago. By webfact Started Friday at PM. By redwood1 Started August By warfie Started June 5, Recommended Posts. Posted November 8, The 'Connection' has great food, but I fancy eating something for desert.

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