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The upper class and wealthy from all over Brazil visit the paradise island of Florianopolis for vacation, Sex night club florianopolis all the most beautiful women stream into this single place. The population tends to be young, like 16 to Generally the body type is thin and tan. Small breasts generally. Not very many Swedish-looking blondes, mostly the girls have that olive-skin Latin look. Some black girls too. Most of the women are 7s, 8s, and 9s. Just click THIS link to download the program. Large parts of the main city are cut off to cars and are open to pedestrians only, making it an ideal place to run daytime game.

The place really shines more for day game. A few Europeans go there, but almost NO Americans. The whole time I was there I only met one other American. The women speak Portuguese and generally very little English. Download Pimpsleur for Portuguese and do all 90 lessons before coming here.

In winter Floripa is dead, but in summer December, January, February the island comes Sex night club florianopolis. The water can be COLD! Which makes the place fall a little short of reaching tropical paradise status. Pretty nice scenery, but not truly tropical paradise. Otherwise you have to take the buses, which are crowded and slow. The upside is that the buses are full of hot young women. You forget to mention the reason why Florianopolis is safe and has the best-looking girls in Brazil.

The reason is that most of these women have a European heritage lots of German immigrants and they did not mingle with blacks. I am in the Navy I will be there around October will woman flock when they see that us navy uniform lol? Really the best place to be!!

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Just wanted to say that after reading this site and many others about Florinopolis, I decided to come and visit. I have been living in Medellin Colombia for the last two years. However the women I have met are only out for what they can get today, could care less about tomorrow. Therefore a change in place for me is needed. I walked most of the day along the water in the downtown area.

Its very safe, and very beautiful here. I am however not by the beaches on Sex night club florianopolis north or east side of the island, and it is the dead of winter here. The climate is nice as we had sun all day and a beautiful sunset. I will post more when I go for a drive tomorrow. The trick is to stay in hostels then meet all the hots girls from Europe who needs some western comfort in a nice western hotel! Often times they have been traveling for a while. Thanks for the info, but are you sure of this?

Any chance looking back you may change your mind a little? I am going there in a few months, and you are making me reconsider…. How about Scandinavian countries, any experience? I will be going there soon also…appreciate your input, thanks!!! Swedish girls on the other hand are Sex night club florianopolis sexually liberal and they speak English. Hello everyone, is it true that Brazilian women are very direct meaning that they want men to directly approach them rather than indirect.

Of course any man wants sex duh…. Most of the students in my college UFSC came from the continent, especially from Blumenau and ville the biggest city in the state and here in the university neighbourhood Pantanal and Trindadethere are many blond, blue eyed chicks and even some redhe, so I strongly reccomend college parties if you like this kind of chicks. There are many of them in the poor neighbourhoods and in the university city, since there are people from all over brazil there. If you prefer black girls over other girls, maybe Floripa is not for you. You will find every kinds of girls there, really.

I strongly reccomend university parties, even in the winter. So, Floripa rocks in the summer, but the other seasons can be awesome too, and you will be more likely to meet native people. I warn americans and europeans that Florianopolis is not a Tropical city!

It also rains a lot in Sex night club florianopolis winter. Have fun here, and bring your female friends with you! Then we can have a good exchange hahaha. Ask me anything in the comments if you need help. Lucas, you obviously know what you are talking about.

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I have visited Curitiba, ville, Blumenau and Florianopolis and can attest to the fact that many of the girls there are blonde, blue-eyed and some of them even speak German. That is, if their grandmothers bothered to teach them. But what tips do you have for us guys who are not of college age and cannot be seen at university parties?

You should do the pimpsleur course.

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Women out men 7 to 1. It is a fact. When I was married to a brazilian, brazilian women try to pik me up in brazil and in california.

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They are dying to have a boyfriend. Brazilian give up hope on marriage if it happens then they are thrilled. Women are so desperate they will date married men. Jesse, John is right the ratio is like 6 or And in Manaus that goes up to I could get an average looking dude laid in Brazil within 1 hour of landing on the plane.

Brazilian women are just hungry for sex and love.

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Sounds like John and I have hit a nerve with this Jesse guy. Good luck to you all! Great info. Wow she was a spoiled brat. It was quite the experience. SP has gorgeous women all over the place. I can only imagine Floripa. No more wife talk… they are far too jealous. I have to say, Florianopolis is probably my favorite place in the world. Three reasons: 1 the quality of the women.

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Southern Brazil women are the hottest. There are many more women than men in Brazil. Just chicks everywhere man, you will be amazed. Floripa has super nightlife. Sex night club florianopolis us guys, being aggressive is more important than your looks. It works! Thanks Billy. I plan on going there very soon and the information helped a bunch. You answered all the questions about the food, nightlife, and of course the women. It really is an awesome city and the girls are definitely above average compared to the rest of the country.

The water is really hot, where did you go to say that it was cold?

Sex night club florianopolis

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