Punishing my husband

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When we think of punishing a boyfriend, the first thought that occurs to us is withholding sex or somehow causing them emotional pain. It could be because they hurt our feelings, and we want to take out our frustration on them. In fact, couples that do take this route will quickly find that their relationships are headed downhill. Instead of their partner doing what they want out of respect, it is out of fear of the consequences. That Punishing my husband of controlling behavior walks a fine line between hurting the relationship and abuse, neither of which is where you want your relationship to be.

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There are quite a few ways that you can help your boyfriend turn his behavior around. A sociable boyfriend will talk to other women, but mean those interactions in a strictly platonic way. It can be easy to misunderstand his actions as him flirting with other women. Make sure that you talk to him about his actions, and how they make you feel, before instantly setting out Punishing my husband punish your spouse for bad behavior. Instead, this can lead to him having suppressed resentment towards you.

Instead, you want to help him change the behavior that is causing tension. Instead, give him absolutely nothing. This single-night episode is a bit different than withholding sex until your demands are met. It sends him a message. When you do things like that, punishment turns into being over-controlling and Punishing my husband quickly. When your man does something, you need to keep your confidence and stay in charge of your emotions.

Then, you both look bad. On the other hand, if your spouse is the only one to look bad, his embarrassment could be big enough that it will motivate him to change his behavior. This puts him back in control. You want to keep your power in relationships. Instead, take a deep breath. Then, use effective communication. Positive reinforcement is more powerful than negative punishments. To use positive reinforcement, you consistently reward positive behavior.

Instead, simply pay attention to his actions. Then, kiss him on the cheek and cook him his favorite meal. Guys listen to words, but they remember actions. No phone calls. No reaching out to him. If he wants to talk to you, he needs to make the effort.

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When your feelings are hurtyou need to let him know that. Sometimes, men are just clueless. They simply are. Before you start considering a punishment, make sure that you tell him exactly what he did. That could be all it takes to make him realize that he seriously messed up. Sometimes, people can be a bit stubborn. Punishing my husband he was out partying with his friends all night and rejected your calls, do the same to him.

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Show him exactly what it feels like. This works out for you in two ways.

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First, it forces him to empathize with you. Second, you get to punish him a little bit which, although not healthy, might make you feel better. Remember, men remember actions more than they do words. Instead of saying anything, simply leave for a bit.

This worked exceptionally well with my ex-fiance. While I was gone, he had plenty of time to think about things. We all do at some point. This is risky but effective. Most of the time, a spouse will see this and try to close that gap between the two of you.

This can also make him see how his behavior not only affects you but also affects your relationship. Men will try to justify their actions. They also occasionally do really dumb things, like bring up that their ex did or did not act a certain way when they did something. Keep your cool. Remain in control of your emotions. Remind him that every woman is different and that it bothers you when he insert behavior he does.

It can be tempting to cave. After all, you Punishing my husband him! Stick to them when he kisses ass, too. You want an Punishing my husband and changed behavior. The brain works on a reward-based system. If you had a hot date night planned or were going to surprise him with a present that you know he has been wanting, cancel it.

You can give him the present or have another date night later. When you continue to do all of those wonderful things, it gives his brain the message that his actions are okay. That is not something you want to do.

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If you normally make sure that he eats right, stop nagging him about it. All of those little things matter to him, and men remember actions. This is a quick and effective way to send a man a message about how his actions have hurt you. The approach is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind.

When discussing the infraction, you need to Punishing my husband your body languageyour tone, and even your mood. Your spouse might perceive your tone as you being angrier than you are, or not being in charge of your emotions. Instead, take a gentle approach to this situation. The goal is to teach them how to treat you, not to make them suffer. When you have the right attitude, have the conversation.

Instead, let him say a word or two if he wants to communicate. Couples that can find this balance will discover that they are able to solve problems together. Make sure that you use open body language to encourage communication and avoid conflict. Tell him how disappointed you are. Inform him that it broke your trust in him. Men want love and approval, and not having that Punishing my husband you will crush them.

You can tell him that he hurt you, and let him see you cry. Set reasonable boundaries and expectations. Some men are simply like this and believe that they are doing good or helping you. How he responds will tell you where your relationship is headed. Encourage him to keep his promise by praising him and offering positive rewards when he does. Either let him know how it makes you feel and affects the relationship or ignore it. Over time, people are conditioned to do things that give them a reward.

Make sure that the promise, and the expectation for him to keep it, was reasonable. Inform him that it hurts you, and it hurt how much you trust him. What else would you advise readers to do? HerNorm is a community-supported website. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through our links. Learn more. Use effective communication first 1. Do keep your confidence 1. Positive reinforcement 1. Use the silent treatment correctly 1.

Make sure your spouse knows what the problem is 1. Dish it back at him 1. Leave not the relationship 1. Put an intentional gap between the two of you 1. Remind him that every woman is different 1. Cancel anything fun you had planned 1. Stop Punishing my husband for a bit 1. How do you punish your boyfriend for breaking a promise?

How do you make my boyfriend feel guilty for hurting me?

Punishing my husband

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