Lyrics to still the one orleans

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Please check back for more Orleans lyrics. Makes me smile every time I hear it. Surprised my wife on our 40 aniversery by getting on stage, with friends who have an oldies band, and were playing for us that night, and sang it to her in front of all our friends. Really knocked her socks off.

I was actually pretty good. Lots of precious memories, my husband and I just celebrated our 30th and this is our song. Lyrics to still the one orleans is Still The One I love her,and i always will. It says it all. A piece of my heart will always be missing!! I typed the lyrics and framed it and have it hanging in our den We had been married for 44 years and had planned to dance to this song at our 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, we didn't make it that far, but he's "Still the One".

I think this song says it all for them After 29 yrs apart we got back together and married. We were married 3 years and he was killed in a tragic accident. If you're still the one, why would say such a thing? How fun! Sometimes married couples do not always get along, but just like a wedding ring never ends, that love should never end.

This song says it all. We've been married 29 years and he's still the one! I could listen to it everyday. Agree with Karen - one of the best about lasting love. Making it through the good and bad. That is who I think of when I hear this song. I hope my soul mate is as good to me as my uncle is to my aunt! This is my favorite song! I love it!

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After 32 years, he's still the one. This song describes me and my boyfriend perfectly especially the part"sometimes i never wanna see u again" at this point we're not together but its coming back :. Such powerful lyrics that completely describe the love between couples! We have been married since !!! Whenever I find it on a jukebox at a restaurant I play it.

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Yes sometimes I never want to see him again for about 5 minutes! When I get home this song is on my favorite CD and I play it over and over in my car. It will be 40 yrs this month; we're still having fun, and he's still the one! Maybe Im looking to deep into it. Someone please explain. Had never heard it before I ed the band and never heard it since leaving the band.

A fantastic song. Why is it never played on radio. It always makes me happy when l hear it After l got there l realized that l was lost without you where ever l went l want to be with you because you are part of me. It wasn't where l was it was who l was with made me happy.

Still the One! Everytime we make love I sing this song to my beloved Kris. I just heard the tune while laying in bed listening to "Coats to Coast" radio program. I came to this site and then to Youtube. Got my fix.! The song was my life with him. Love this song! And although I don't think Lyrics to still the one orleans love of classic music will ever rub off on her, she'll always be the one. I just love it!

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It seems like there are a few of us still out there who's partner is "still the one"! Decades later it still hits the mark! An absolutely classic love song. I thought the song couldn't get any worse and then I read the actual lyrics. Absolutely terrible. One of the cheesiest, corny, bland songs ever written. I printed it up to give to my husband along with the card for our 30th Anniversary!

Not just yours. Might as well say we both drink water, so water is our beverage. A classic love song. Music that want to make you dance; and lyrics that honestly and accurately describe many wonderful components of love. Great harmonies and musicianship. Well done, Orleans. Great song. Love this song!!!

This has always been our song. She's still the one even after over 35 years. That's what makes it timeless and ya, a little sappy, but that's ok It makes people smile because they relate. It describes in a simple way a classic long term love story. Married 36 years, that's what it's all about. The sweet song of a little bit of bitter and whole lot of sweet!

We have been talking for a couple of months about giving it another try and this song says it all. My husband of 40 years laughs because he knows how special this song is to me us. We always play it at parties and get togethers. It doesn't seem to matter how old your are, everyone knows the words. This is our song. It fits us to a T. There have been a lot of good times and some bad times but he is still the one! I plan to play this song for her as it represents exactly how it is.

She's still the one after all these years We loved it and truly felt every word. Lyrics to still the one orleans passed last year one month shy of our 37th anniversary. He will always Still Be the One, and Lyrics to still the one orleans eyes well with tears every time I hear it. Well my belove soulmate Harry Pivovaroff passed on August 11 I miss my Harry more and more everyday.

He was my everything and more. But I cant listen to this song quiet the same because hes not here with me to enjoy it,This is for you Harry my Dear. I will never stop loving you. I tear up every time I hear this song. That is how we feel about each other. My plan is to sing this song to my dear husband. I remember playing my Orleans 45 record to him when I knew I had fallen for him. No big fuss, just dinner with our daughters, because the anniversary is just another day as we continue to make each other's world. After 48 years she is no long with me. On her hetone is, "You're still the one that's my better half, we're still having fun and you're still the one.

Yes, he is still the one.

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We kiss every time it comes on the radio. Our children and grandchildren just laugh. While in car, we decided to request this song to be played at our daughter's upcoming wedding and wondered about the specifc words. Just as I found this site, song came on radio! Had not ly heard words to this verse. Changing, our love is going gold Even though we grow old, it grows new Made us both cry. All Rights Reserved. All lyrics are the property of their respective authors, artists and labels.

Lyrics to still the one orleans

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Orleans - Still The One Lyrics