Large butt black women

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She was paraded around Europe, where spectators jeered at her large buttocks. Would her image represent a reviled past or a canvas of resilience?

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Were they proud to bear a similar buttocks or ashamed to share a similar stature? Showmen exhibited her throughout Europe, where, in an embarrassing and dehumanizing spectacle, she was forced to sing and dance before crowds of white onlookers.

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Often naked in these exhibitions, Baartman was sometimes suspended in a cage on stage while being poked, prodded and groped. Her body was characterized as grotesque, lascivious and obscene because of her protruding buttocks, which was due to a condition called steatopygia that occurs naturally among people in arid parts of southern Africa.

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Both became symbolic markers of racial difference, and many other women from this part of Africa were trafficked to Europe for white entertainment. Nonetheless, there is a strong legacy of the curvaceous idealmore so than in other races.

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One American participant, Ashley, seemed to recognize how entrenched the Baartman ideal has become. On various platforms, women leverage their looks to obtain paid advertisements or receive free gifts, services or merchandise from various beauty and apparel companies. So you could argue that Black women are taking control of their objectification and commodification to earn money.

While Baartman may not have been able to keep the cash people paid to ogle at her, Black women today can strive for her body type and make money off it.

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But is selling this body type always a form of empowerment? Festival of Social Science — Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

Large butt black women

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Big buttocks: Where does our obsession come from?