Is love a sacrifice

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This topic has been coming up a lot for me these past few weeks. Friends who are struggling to keep their relationships afloat, or trying to bring old ones back to life. Strangers who have told me their stories of emotional exhaustion — they say, I feel like I have nothing left to give. And most notably, the one thing they all have in common: this idea that the more they give, the harder they try, the more romantic and noble they are in their pursuit of happy, true love.

That you want it. Is love a sacrifice are the hero, the embodied love song, putting yourself up in hopes of getting some sort of reciprocation in return. Why is this SUCH a common perception of how love should be? The poetry in the struggle. There will be times one partner will need more support than the other.

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That is a partnership. When that person is receiving, the other is giving. But at some point, the roles change. And what happens is this healthy flow of energy back and forth, mutually serving, strengthening one another with love and nourishment. So instead, we stay.

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When one partner is always the one making the sacrifices, shit is bound to spiral down. And that breeds starvation. And it breeds need. You increasingly become more reliant on that person — and on your relationship — and you fall into a downward spiral of sacrifice in order to hang on to all that you know. You give and you give, maybe even both of you are giving and giving, and yet nothing is changing. Sometimes we break.

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We get depressed, we get angry, and we turn into resentful, vindictive versions of ourselves we never Is love a sacrifice existed. But sometimes, if we try really hard and get lucky in a moment of clarity, we can clear the smoke and see the relationship for what it is. We can see it chipping away at our core. We can feel the confidence, and self-esteem, and self-love slip through our fingers. First, have the conversation. I get that there is a dance that needs to be had before one can be free of being called selfish. So first, have the conversation.

Instead of sacrificing yourself as currency, use your words.

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Tell them what you want. Describe the train and give them the opportunity to hop on and meet you half way. You have to look into your fears and be willing to put yourself first. The kind that is mutually serving.

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A partnership. I promise you, with every fiber of my being: A life like that exists. You just have Is love a sacrifice have the courage to walk toward it. But to what end? Fear that no one else will want you. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Because admit it: it IS draining you. Is the effort is one sided? Is there an imbalance of sacrifice? Do you keep trying, but the return is not matching the investment?

Sometimes enough is enough Sometimes we break. We can be present. And we can do something about it. Share on facebook. Share on twitter.

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Is love a sacrifice

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How “Love Is All About Sacrifice” Ruins Our Love Lives