I watched my girlfriend have sex

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Home » Couple » Watching my girlfriend have sex with my friend. I am Ved, 21, and I hail from Mangalore.

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Two of my classmates, one a female and another male who happen to be my good friends also had moved to Bangalore to pursue their under graduation. Alina I have changed the name who happen to be a good friend from school was always beautiful but then she had turned smoking hot during her PU days. We became close after coming to Bangalore and after a few months, I proposed to her. She took a while and accepted my proposal. It had been two years since we entered the relationship and we had been enjoying all things together.

Our sex life also had been great. We first had sex after 6 months of dating and it was the first time for both of us and enjoyed every bit of it. Meanwhile, my other friend Samarth I have changed his name too to keep it anonymous also started dating one of her classmates. Samarth and I had gone on double dates so many times and he had an eye on my girlfriend because boy, was she hot! I still wonder how I became her boyfriend but then emotionally I am too reliable and I am a poetic kinda lover so no wonder she fell in love with me. Things were going as usual but after a few days of sex, I happen to watch this genre of threesome and cuckold sex in porn and I was hooked!

I started imagining my wife fuck other men and no wonder it was with Samarth because I had seen him a lot of times eyeing on my girlfriend. She was pretty old school so she must have felt awkward when I told her this. But boy, I was done imagining and I wanted to try this out in real life. I started planning on how to make this happen. So I started showing her porn about these threesomes. She kind of started liking it but had told me again that it was not gonna happen in real life.

I told her that I love her so much and that I love seeing her get pleasure and I want her to be happy. I I watched my girlfriend have sex her that I will ask my friend Samarth to do this. To my surprise, my gf accepted it! So it was easy for us to hang out at our home and do all sorts of kinky stuff. Samarth was a horny fucker and was always straightforward and bold. The plan was set and I asked him to come over the weekend to my home and that Alina will also be there and she will be asking for a night out at the PG stating personal reasons.

My girlfriend Alina came around 7 pm to my home and my friend Samarth around 8 pm because he stayed at a PG too and he sneaked out that night. My girlfriend was kind of freaked out and her heart was literally pumping. We drank some beers because I love them and always have two or three cases in my fridge. I was okay but my girlfriend started getting dizzy. Samarth and my girlfriend sat on the couch and I was sitting on the bean bag below.

My girlfriend was down two beers and started being a bit too chatty. The lights in the hall were dim and so it was almost I watched my girlfriend have sex in there because I wanted to set the scene right. Seeing my girlfriend and friend together sit on the couch, itself was turning me on. I told them I was gonna go grab a beer and went to my fridge hoping they would initiate something. And I was not wrong at all!

Alina was wearing a purple t-shirt and sweatpants. He threw her on the bed and started kissing her all over. I was so fucking turned on beyond imagination! Alina was making noises and was enjoying each and every bit of it. My girlfriend grabbed I watched my girlfriend have sex panties and gave it to me to sniff.

She knew I love sniffing panties. My girlfriend was now soaking wet and was longing for that huge cock. Samarth then removed his shirt and pants.

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I removed my clothes too. In one minute, there were three nude people in the room, enjoying the best time of their lives!

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Alina gave my friend a bomb blowjob which no man ever would have got, I think. It was smoking hot. Then I grabbed a condom from my cupboard and gave it to him. He put on the condom and grabbed my girlfriend near him and slowly started inserting his huge cock inside her. At the first stroke itself, my girlfriend moaned and started enjoying it. My friend then went on and on and started fucking my gf hard. My dick was rock hard but I managed to not cum and hold for a while when he came on her. They changed positions and she started moaning hard.

After I watched my girlfriend have sex her for a while, I also started slowly masturbating. But I knew I would cum too soon. Her pussy was juicy and was still recovering from the hard sex. Here is the sexy xxx video of a cuckold boyfriend watching his lovely western girlfriend fucked by his friend to some extra erotic fun! What did you think of this story??

I watched my girlfriend have sex

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