How does casual matchmaking work hearthstone

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And it happens often. From some other new player reddit : Anyways-- tonight, in 15 games, I was matched up against 3 opponents with golden portraits These are people who have more wins with a single character on ladder than I have with all characters put together. So anyone knows how it works is it pure random or it is just here and there a major fail in balance matchmaking.

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It will attempt to match you to someone with similar MMR. If you play at off-peak hours, you're more likely to queue up against better players. Also, some people only focus on Ranked, so their Casual MMR could be pretty low due to playing weird decks to complete dailies faster.

The whole point of casual mode is that its matchmaking is random, as opposed to ranked where its based on your rank. I know I use casual to test decks or not to go down in rank.

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This month is the first time I hit rank Doesn't sound like much to many, but for me, it's a lot. It's a complex system that takes into many factors, including the time you hit the play button, if you have been playing the game beyond the first few hours and what player has the deck most likely to destroy you in the most frustrating way possible. Also taken intoif you are free to play, is finding the opponent with the most legendaries.

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Reply Share. Interesting theory could be something to it. Thank you.

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How does matchmaking work in Hearthstone?