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It's been a year of crazes in the world of mobile games. Poker, then sudoku, then brain training and virtual dogs. What's next in ? How about dominoes? Okay, so we haven't heard about any other publishers' planning to release spots sims, but you know how these things work. First one, then another, then another.

It's almost like a domino effect — d'oh!

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Anyway, Domino fever android Fever is Gameloft's title, which has just been unveiled. It includes eight different sets of rules, and a comprehensive tutorial to educate beginners in how to use strategy, memory and bluffing to improve your skills. The game is based around launching a professional dominoes career, playing in tournaments around the world, including Mexico and Las Vegas. If we'd realised before that the pro dominoes circuit was this glamourous, we wouldn't have ignored our childhood set in favour of computer games. Domino Fever will also offer 35 challenges against increasingly tough opponents, and from the screenshots, it looks to have taken its visual cues from some of the poker games already out on mobile.

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News Domino Fever sweeping mobile Well, that's what Gameloft hopes its new game will do By Stuart Dredge. Twitter Facebook Reddit.

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