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For my wife, Maggie, there are few things that relieve a stressful Bathtub sex stories more than a bubble bath. And it was obvious from the one-word text, one was going to be needed this night. It is her place to decompress; her place to escape. She turns off the lights, turns on soft music and lights a candle. It is a beautiful place to leave the world.

Many times, I have been invited to and I always go gladly. As I worked my way through traffic that early evening, my goal was to get home early and prepare the place for her. I rushed home, changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt, chilled the wine, turned on the oven for dinner, made sure everything was ready in the bathroom and waited.

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Fifteen minutes, Mags walked into the front door, placed her briefcase and coat on the hallway stand, and wordlessly went into the living room where she slumped into a chair. Her legs spread out in front of her, she leaned her head back, closed her eyes and sighed.

For a few minutes, I watched in silence. I could tell she was trying to ease the day from her body. I came over, leaned over, brushed a strand of her beautiful blonde hair out of her face and kissed her on the cheek. My beloved wearily shook her head.

One of those days. Pulling Maggie to her feet by her right hand and elbow, I kissed her lightly Bathtub sex stories the forehead. I led her from the living room, up the Bathtub sex stories to the second floor, turned left and walked her towards the end of the hall and our bedroom.

But we stopped one room short and I turned her into the bathroom. It was dark with only one candle burning softly on the counter. Lots of bubbles. Music was softly playing. Mags turned to me.

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With that, I held her hands as she slipped out of her high heels. As she watched, I began to unbutton the front of her blouse, from top to bottom. Once done, I separated the two sides of the blouse with my hands and slowly pulled the shirt off her shoulders, down her arms and off her. I placed it on the counter. Getting down on my knees, I pulled down the side zipper on her skirt. Tugging gently, I slid the skirt off her hips and down her legs to her feet. Maggie stepped out of the skirt. The same thing was done to each of her stockings. Rising up again, I watched as Mags removed her necklace, earrings and bracelets Once finished, I turned Mags around so her back faced me.

I unhooked the clasp on her bra, pulled it apart, over her shoulders and down her outstretched arms and off her body. I slipped my fingers underneath the fabric on both sides and pulled the garment down. Once it reached the floor, Maggie again stepped out of them.

She turned around, revealing her physical beauty to me. The candle light cast shadows across her body, from her breasts to Bathtub sex stories thighs. Grabbing her right hand, I kissed it lightly. With that, I led Mags to the back of the bathtub. I Bathtub sex stories her into the warm water. I heard her sigh as the bubbles and water covered her. I went downstairs to the kitchen, poured her favorite Chardonnay into a wine glass and took it to her. About 15 minutes, I went up to check on Maggie. The empty wine glass was on the bathtub edge, the candle was still burning, the music was still playing.

Mags had her eyes closed and a contented look on her face. Maggie opened her eyes and yawned. Using a soft towel, I began to dry off Maggie. I started with her back, slowly going all the way down to her legs. Next came the front. I started Bathtub sex stories shoulders, her breasts, all the way, slowly rubbing her inner thighs, lightly brushing water off the hair covering her private entrance, then down her legs.

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After Maggie was dried off, I took her by the hand, out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. There, the covers were pulled back, the lights were off and another candle was lit. As she turned over, I ed her on bed, with my legs on either side of her two legs. With that, I began to slowly and gently massage her shoulders, trying to rub out the remnants of the day.

Mags moaned softly as I started with her neck, then shoulders paying special attention to the birthmark on her right shoulder and to her arms. I moved to her back, using my fingers to probe her sore muscles. I moved down Bathtub sex stories her rib cages and then her waist. Maggie shivered as I used my forefinger to trace down her spine.

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I started the process again beginning with her neck and her arms. I rubbed the valley between her breasts; stopping at each to caress both and softly pinch each nipple. I slid my hands across her rib cage. As I moved further down, I gently parted her legs.

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Starting with her left leg, I raised it high enough to place on my shoulder. Then I began to slowly rub her leg, moving from her inner thigh to her lower calf and back again.

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I did that twice to her left and then moved to her right leg and repeated the procedure. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly. Moving up to her face, I kissed her softly on the lips. As I prepared to move off the bed, Maggie grabbed my wrist.

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Mags pushed my hand towards her center. Taking the hint, I kissed her on the lips. I then settled myself on my knees between her legs. Maggie, with her legs bent at the knees, moved them farther apart to allow me more access. Using both hands, I began to again softly rub her inner thighs. Up and down I went, teasing, never touching, but always moving closer. As my fingers crept closer, Bathtub sex stories could hear Mags catch her breath, waiting for the touch.

Finally on the fourth time, I stopped and gently placed my finger on her clitoris. I used my forefingers to rub the folds of her entrance. As I probed, I felt and saw the moisture began to increase. Her private scent also started to fill the room. Gently I touched, caressing the edges, rubbing the entrance Bathtub sex stories and down. As I did, I allowed my forefinger to start slowly entering into her. I would move in, stop, then move out again.

Several times I probed the opening, pushing in a little further each time. I could feel her sacred chamber start to widen. My right forefinger moved slowly into her. I felt her close in around it. Slowly I began to thrust in and out of her. Maggie gasped as I started moving my finger into her. Maggie arched her back to provide more access as her legs, still bent at the knee, spread wide. I began to move in rhythm, pushing my finger deeper into her. As her chamber opened even more, I began to use two fingers. Her back arched higher, the nipples of her breasts pointed toward the ceiling.

Maggie grabbed my left hand and squeezed hard as her body tensed and she reached her pleasure Bathtub sex stories. With one final moan, I felt her love stream cover my two fingers. I keep thrusting until her body relaxed and her breathing subsided.

My fingers slipped from inside her.

Bathtub sex stories

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